SS7 Services 7 days


  1. All services are paid only with bitcoin
  2. Server is created in max 8 hours from payment.
  3. Service is activated on your account – Once order shows completed the server link is revealed to you in your account.

Service includes Unlimited SMS Intercept, Call Intercept and Redirect and Location Tracking for 7 days.

SS7 SMS Intercept – Bypass any OTP/2FA/SMS

Using our SS7 exploits we can intercept any SMS and bypass 2FA SMS Authentication. You can hack gmail accounts,Whatsapp/Telegram accounts, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts, bitcoin accounts, credit cards which require Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code or any other site that requires a SMS to authenticate.

SS7 Call Intercept & Redirect

Using our SS7 exploits we can intercept and redirect any Phone Call.

Call Interception refers to actually intercepting live phone calls taking place on the Target phone, in real time as they happen.

Call Redirect refers to intercepting the phone call and forwarding it to your number in real time.

Call Intercept is setup on our website, while Call Redirect will redirected to your assigned number (any number works for call redirection, real number, skype,virtual number…etc)

SS7 Location Tracking

Using our SS7 exploits we can disclose the victim location using their mobile phone number. The location tracking happens in real time even if the phone GPS is turned on or off. The victim will not know that their location is being disclosed.