I have received complaints about scammers impersonating this site and SS7 services. If you pay anywhere else except this site or marketplace don’t come and complain about it after!!!

  1. The only way to contact me is by email at [email protected] – CHECK THE SPELLING CAREFULLY
  2. I DO NOT have any kind of social media accounts or whatsapp or telegram or anything related!
  3. The only way to buy the SS7 services is from this shop and marketplace.
  4. I will never ever contact you first !!!
  5. Read the FAQ before purchase or your email will be ignored!

Support language: English or Russian ONLY!

Read the SS7 Service Update page

SS7 Services provided by since 2017!


1. How can I pay?

Payments are made with bitcoin only. Bitcoin is anonymous, untraceable, instant and available in all countries.

You can buy bitcoin with any payment method from hundred of websites such as,,,,,

Once you place an order you will receive the Bitcoin address and Bitcoin amount to complete your payment. Order will be processed and completed within the time mentioned on each service page.

You can buy bitcoin with your credit card from the website. Use the amount and wallet address mentioned on your order.

2. Can I test before payment?

UPDATE 21.09.2020

Due to high spam attempts and fake buyers test service is only available for current paying customers.

Each activated plan requires a dedicated channel opened by the telecom provider in order to intercept remotely. This means we are paying for each channel we open as well and therefore free tests are not available.

You can check the service reviews on the well established hacking marketplace

3. Do you accept Escrow?

Escrow is accepted only through marketplace system and only for the services sold there. You can check the SS7 services here.

4. In which countries does the service work?

SS7 Service works on all countries and all networks. Service is tested daily by hundreds of customers from all countries and the success rate is more than 95%.

5. Does the SS7 service work on 5G networks?

SS7 Exploits are updated all the time and the service works for 2G,3G,4G and 5G networks.

6. Will the victim receive the SMS as well?

The victim does not receive the SMS as it is intercepted on the network before it reaches the phone.

7. Why is my account blocked/deleted?

To prevent server abuse opening multiple orders without payment will get your account blocked automatically by the system. Also accounts with no paid orders are deleted.

8. I did not received any email

To prevent scammers that can impersonate this website WE DO NOT send any type of email. For order updates check your account.

9. In how much time will the service be activated?

Each plan has the activation time on it’s page. Once activated you will have 24 hours to start your plan or it will start automatically.

10. Can I use the server from my mobile or tablet?

NO. You need a computer/laptop to access the SS7 Server and perform your tasks. You can access the server from any OS (Windows/Linux/Mac)