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Sms Intercept

The updateLocation message is used to update the subscriber’s location in the network. It informs the network of which VLR/MSC the subscriber is currently connected to. Using a fake updateLocation message the attacker claims that the victims MS is connected to their MSC. In this case, the subscriber SMSs will be forwarded to the attacker’s […]

SS7 Service Updates

18.02.2021 Added new plan: SMS Intercept 30 days plan 24.01.2021 New shop added 14.12.2020 December only plan discounts 04.12.2020 Added new plan: Phone Tapping – Wiretapping 3 days plan 02.12.2020 Added Ability to listen to live calls in real time and Send SMS and Make Calls from the intercepted number ( Owner will not see […]