Basic SS7 threats

We emphasize These dangers That May Be introduced by people exploiting security defects in mobile networks: Subscriber information disclosure Network information disclosure Subscriber traffic interception Fraud Denial of service Just about every recorded hazard reflects reputation and economic challenges for its operator. Fraud, visitors interception, and denial of service AFF-ect subscribers immediately and might cause […]

A brief introduction of SS7

Signaling System No. 7: SS7 – Signalling System # 7 – has been formerly. The signalling and most of the surgeries which can be used was assembled with a great deal of cooperation from Operators / / Vendors / Standard organisations (CCITT, ETSI, itu t, etc..) . SS7 is really just actually a shut signalling […]

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What is SS7 Security Flaw?

ss7 sms intercept

Many of us must have felt the scenarios when our online banking system asks us to enter our data again and again. Because the system fails to detect our account details. It is not only an alarming but irritating situation. We have to enter an authorization code to verify our identity. For this purpose, we […]

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Outdated Version Of SS7 Increases its Vulnerability

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Hacking became more common with the invention of new technologies. The most prominent example is the introduction of the SS7 protocol in the mobile network era. One of the TV news segments surprised the people about the hacking information. The segment shows how German ‘Chaos Computer Club’ members, access all the call information of the […]

How Hackers Are Exploiting SS7?

ss7 attack

This era is considered as the era of mobile use. Every single person is involved in excessive use of the mobile phone. Mobile use has become an addiction to every person. From kids to professionals, every person is having these gadgets in their pockets. Cyber-attacks over mobiles became more common with the arrival of 5G […]

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How SS7 Protocol is Used in Hacking?


Hackers are misusing the SS7 protocol for cyber attacks. Malware attacks are more frequently used by hackers in Germany, as has been informed by the various news articles. Hackers are exploiting the bank accounts, passwords, account balance, and logins information by these cyber-attacks. Moreover, they became able to redirect the bank message alerts for transaction […]

Sms Intercept

The updateLocation message is used to update the subscriber’s location in the network. It informs the network of which VLR/MSC the subscriber is currently connected to. Using a fake updateLocation message the attacker claims that the victims MS is connected to their MSC. In this case, the subscriber SMSs will be forwarded to the attacker’s […]

SS7 Call Interception

The mobile switching center MSC normally holds the encryption keys used by each subscriber to be able to establish the call. When the subscriber is on the move, a handover process facilitates the smooth transition of the subscriber between the different radio cells while maintain the call progress. In some cases the subscriber moves from […]

SS7 Attacks

SS7 Attacks As with many legacy protocols, SS7 was designed with little security in mind. Concepts such as authentication and authorization were hardly present or discussed. The SS7 security was solely based on trust. The core network elements were built accordingly with little if any defenses against abusing SS7 functionalities. Being regarded as a closed […]

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